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Presentations of the 5th European
Value-Based Procurement Conference

Plenary session:

  • Key note: Value-Based Procurement; the Danish model - Lars Dahl Allerup, Rethink Value (download here)

  • Key note: Value-Based Supply - Prof. Hamish Laing, Swansea University and Director Value-Based Health & Care Academy (download here)

  • Closing remarks - Danny Havenith, Chair EHPPA & Giovanni Gorgoni, President EUREGHA (download here)

Break-out sessions:

  • Achieving higher outcomes with Value-Based Procurement - Lars Dahl Allerup, Rethink Value (download here)

  • Healthcare professionals: key to success ! - Rossana Alessandrello & Ramon Maspons Bosch, AQUAS (Spain) (download here)

  • When the patient is the user; measuring the impact of medical devices on patients’ everyday life - Ingela Bjorholt, NHE Licence/MedTech20 (Sweden) (download here)

  • Creating the medtech Value proposition; making the difference - Rob Geraerdts, Learning Delta (Netherlands) (download here)

  • How to use patient outcome criteria in public procurement processes and tenders; the legal point of view - Virginie Dor, CMS (Belgium) (download here)

  • Collecting Value impact evidence and how AI can help out - Praful Mehta, Vamstar (UK) (download here)

  • Value-Based supply; re-imagining Value from within - Hamish Laing, Swansea University and VBHC Academy (Wales) & James McHale, Mölnlycke Health Care (UK) (download here)

  • Designing and implementing a Value-Based agreement - Rebecca Sloan & Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard, Lane Clark & Peacock (UK) (download here)

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