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Value–Based Procurement Community of Practice (VBP CoP)

The Value-Based Procurement Community of Practice (VBP CoP) brings together procurement organizations, procurers, the Medical Technology industry and their leadership and engages with health authorities and other stakeholders with a common interest in value-based procurement. The 3 founding members are:

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For more information on the VBP CoP, please contact Hans Bax.


The objective of the VBP CoP is to foster a change in practice and implement value-based procurement both in the public and private healthcare sectors. This will bring the most economically advantageous solution into healthcare, taking into account the value offered to patients, to the care givers, the providers and potentially, to society. The VBP CoP description is available here.

VBP CoP activities

The VBP CoP is driven by its members and assisted by supporting and knowledge partners. The CoP focuses on 5 key activities: Engage & Outreach, Educate, Collaborate, Derive Learnings and Continuously Enhance its Toolkit.


Value–Based Procurement is a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to partner for patient-centric, higher quality and more sustainable health care. Value–Based Procurement addresses key challenges in the provider/supplier relationship, leading to economic most advantageous purchasing by awarding the specific needs and what citizens, health systems, health actors and society value.

More information on the VBP CoP and the documents developed by the CoP are available in the resource library here.

5th European
Value-Based Procurement Conference

The fifth edition of the European Value-Based Procurement Conference  “Navigating the VBP challenges and reaching destination - from awareness to application” took place on 11 December 2023..

​Organised by the Value-Based Procurement Community of Practice and supported by EHPPAEUREGHABCG and MedTech Europe, the event was attended by 120 participants.

This year event aimed at bringing forward the challenges to the implementation of value-based procurement in the purchase of medical technologies and the solutions to overcome these barriers.


More information on the sixth edition of the European value-based procurement conference will follow during the first quarter of 2024.

This event was supported by:

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This year’s conference was structured around workshops / break-out sessions where participants had the opportunity to learn from and engage with experts directly. In these sessions, participants learnt how to overcome the most common VBP obstacles and discussed the way forward.







The post-conference report is available here.

VBP Annual Conference
Supporting partners

The VBP conference is financed by the registrations fees generated by the event and, if needed, by the financial contributions of the VBP CoP contributors and MedTech Europe.

The VBP Conference is made possible thanks to the supporting partners, who endorse the programme and advocate the event within their national, European and international networks.

The Value-Based Procurement Community of Practice would like to thank all partners, speakers, participants and contributors and welcomes all additional in-kind support for the conference.


VBP CoP secretariat

Hans Bax

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