Value–Based Procurement Community of Practice (VBP CoP)

The Value-Based Procurement Community of Practice (VBP CoP) brings together procurement organizations, procurers, the Medical Technology industry and their leadership and engages with health authorities and other stakeholders with a common interest in value-based procurement. The 3 founding members are:

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For more information on the VBP CoP, please contact Hans Bax.


The objective of the VBP CoP is to foster a change in practice and implement value-based procurement both in the public and private healthcare sectors. This will bring the most economically advantageous solution into healthcare, taking into account the value offered to patients, to the care givers, the providers and potentially, to society. The VBP CoP description is available here.

VBP CoP activities

The VBP CoP is driven by its members and assisted by supporting and knowledge partners. The CoP focuses on 5 key activities: Engage & Outreach, Educate, Collaborate, Derive Learnings and Continuously Enhance its Toolkit.


Value–Based Procurement is a collaborative, multidisciplinary approach to partner for patient-centric, higher quality and more sustainable health care. Value–Based Procurement addresses key challenges in the provider/supplier relationship, leading to economic most advantageous purchasing by awarding the specific needs and what citizens, health systems, health actors and society value.

More information on the VBP CoP and the documents developed by the CoP are available in the resource library here.

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4th European Value-Based Procurement Conference

Join us for the fourth edition of the European Value-Based Procurement Conference “Working together on sustainable health systems; focus on people, prosperity and planet” which will be held on 15 December 2022 from 9am to 5pm CET. 

​Organised by the Value-Based Procurement Community of Practice and supported by EHPPAEUREGHABCG and MedTech Europe, the event will be held in person at The Hotel in Brussels.

This year event aims at bringing forward how to accelerate a breakthrough of health systems transformation and increase sustainability by applying a value-based procurement approach. Speakers, representing healthcare providers as well as medtech industry, will share their views on the importance of incorporating ‘value’ in decision-making. Throughout the conference practical case examples from across Europe, and beyond, will be presented to show the way forward. In addition, the conference will provide lots of opportunities for networking.

On March 15 this year, 175 participants representing the ecosystem of healthcare actors, attended the 3rdEuropean Value-Based Procurement Conference. For more information on this March edition, please click here.

 This event is supported by:

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The final agenda for the conference is available here.


Please note that the registration fees are VAT included.

Venue and accommodation

The Hotel, Brussels
Boulevard de Waterloo 38, 


By clicking on this link you can start booking your accommodation for the overnight stay. 

Reading material


The VBP conference is financed by the registrations fees generated by the event and, if needed, bythe financial contributions of the VBP CoP contributors and MedTech Europe.

The VBP Conference is made possible thanks to the supporting partners, who endorse the programme and advocate the event within their national, European and international networks.

The Value-Based Procurement Community of Practice would like to thank all partners, speakers, participants and contributors and welcomes all additional in-kind support for the conference.


Contact - Registration and Accommodation

Bram de Smit

+32 (0)52 65 00 34


Contact - Conference Agenda

Hans Bax